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Solar Screens Austin Texas

Action Screens is a family owned business. My career started in 1978 working in the construction industry. More specifically in the carpentry area. From there I started doing screens for another company in 2001 and really enjoyed it. So in 2003 I branched out and started my own company called Action Screens and we’ve been going strong ever since!

I now work for many of the contacts I made while in the construction field, as they know my attention to detail and the quality of my work. My contacts include property managers and owners, real estate agents, as well as builders.

Made in Austin, Texas… And Green!

I believe very strongly in manufacturing our own screens right here in Austin, Texas USA. In fact we can manufacture and build our screens faster, with higher quality and at better prices then the majority of other screen companies that outsource their screen making.

We are also proud to be environmentally friendly. Many people think this means higher prices, but it doesn’t! Because we build our own screens locally, in house, we can be environmentally conscious and still keep prices low.

The Customer Is Always Right

I treat every customer as the most important, because it is my reputation and integrity on the line with every job. I hire quality people and train them in my way of installation. The job is not complete until the customer is satisfied, period.

We have added new products this year that we are excited about. I have worked with several types of retractable screen doors in the past and was not impressed with the quality of products. I am now proudly an authorized dealer for Reel Screens, in the Austin area.

Action Screens has been serving the Austin and surrounding area for the last 10 years. Our professional estimating and on site installation is second to none. We maintain the highest standards possible and provide superior workmanship and attention to detail.

Making sure you, the customer are 100% satisfied is what we take pride in. If you’ll give us the opportunity I promise you that you’ll be 100% completely satisfied too!

Terry Sherman
Action Screens

Ecc. 5:5 “It’s better to say nothing, than to promise something you don’t follow through on.”

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